vhs r.i.p.


VHS R.I.P. is an ambient light and sound installation commissioned by Nuit Blanche Brussels in October 2014. Thirteen illuminated crucifixes created entirely from waste VHS tapes and cases were installed in the heart of Brussels and combined with an ambient soundscape to draw the public into an atmospheric world of the uncanny. The installation was also shown as part of Middlesbrough’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark 2014.

The piece pays homage to the much loved and now almost defunct VHS technology whilst highlighting our ever accelerating drive to adopt new technologies ultimately leading to the demise of trusted devices and an accumulation of waste. In resurrecting this waste with light to create an installation which references human ritual, VHS is celebrated and laid to rest whilst illuminating the value to be found in objects which no longer have a place in our world of developing technologies.

You can listen to the installation audio created by Mr Colin Langley recording a VHS player in operation, mixing things up and adding a few bangers here.